Russell Road Cemeteries

In 1838 an official grant of land was made in Hyman’s Kloof (today’s Russell Road) for a cemetery for Union Congregational Church.

Four years later in June 1842 land adjacent to Congregational piece was granted to the Wesleyan Chapel and in March 1843 another piece above the first two was given to the Roman Catholic community. Many graves in the Congregational and Roman Catholic sections bear the names of original Settler families who arrived here in 1820.

The most famous grave to be found here is for James Langley Dalton (1833 – 7 January 1887). He was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. Queen Victoria bestowed this honour on him for his part in the defence of the Rorke’s Drift post on 22 January 1879.

In 1886 he came to P.E. to stay with an old friend, proprietor of the Grosvenor Hotel, where he died. He was buried in the Roman Catholic section of the cemetery and his grave is still well maintained.

All three cemeteries were closed in 1897/1898.

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